Tallinn, Estonia

“I joined Venku (formerly Outside360) to show people there is more to life than just TV / apps and internet. We have so many beautiful places and things to do and see. Just go outside and find something you love..or let someone help you discover something new.”

Fred was one of the very first people to sign up for Venku. We quickly learned more about him and his love of adventure through his incredible Instagram feed.

During the summer, Fred teaches Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) at Surftown, a surf club on Stroomi Beach in Tallinn. He gets so much satisfaction from teaching people a new sport, but his main goal is to help them slow down and learn to connect with nature. He says, “When I bring people on the sea, I teach them how to handle gear and just enjoy the moment. It doesn’t matter if the sea is rough with big waves, or really calm. They just smile and don’t have a care in the world.”

When he isn’t on the beach, Fred is an avid fisherman. Estonia is home to many types of trout — both Seatrout and Rivertrout — as well as pike and salmon. A quick view of Fred’s Instagram account shows that he is an all-weather fisherman, even fishing in freezing temperatures amid an icy landscape. However, during a month in the Fall (from October – November), Fred goes from fishing for trout to protecting them.  He and a group of friends volunteer their time to protect trout and salmon spawning in Estonian rivers from poachers who steal their valuable eggs to sell them.

Because of Fred, Venku (Outside360) has been to an active volcano in Bali, and continues to be included on his adventures both on and off the water. Perhaps there will be a Venku experience in Estonia sometime in the near future…we know Fred would make the trip worthwhile!