As concern grows about the very real repercussions of modern technology and the impact everyday stresses have on our lives, the outdoors are being touted as one of the strongest anti-dotes available — you can read this article about doctors prescribing nature for various physical and mental afflictions.

We all know the merits of getting outside, but there are some key factors that prevent people from enjoying the outdoors to the fullest. Several of the reasons listed below are issues we’ve experienced firsthand and that actually prompted us to start Venku. They include:

  1. No one to participate with — it can be a challenge to find people who are as committed to an outdoor activity as you are. With Venku, Hosts have the ability to add different levels of engagement to their listings. They can offer to accompany you on the experience…for example: help you scout the best spot for a deer stand, take you on a guided nature hike, or show you the best place to view wildlife.
  2. Equipment is expensive — it can cost a lot of money to try out a new sport or activity, especially if you have a limited season or time-frame to enjoy it. Hosts on Venku have the option of including equipment rental fees on their listings. Why buy your own equipment when you could pay a small fee and have it ready and waiting for you?
  3. Lack of skills & knowledge — Many of our Hosts are experts within their field. If you want to learn, they are available to show you the ropes with real-world tips.
  4. Not enough information — Venku’s listings are consistent across categories and display in-depth information about the experience, property owner rules & expectations, and other details like accessibility and pet-friendliness. No need to wonder about amenities or features. Hosts lay it all out for you on their listing. You can even learn more about them by visiting their Host profile!
  5. Places for outdoor recreation are far away — Chances are, with Venku, you’ll discover incredible, private spots right outside your backyard. With our location based search, you can control where you search and what you’re looking for!

At Venku, our goal is to eliminate common barriers that people encounter when searching for and booking outdoor experiences. By doing that, we hope to make the outdoors more accessible for everyone!

How can we help you get outside? If you have some ideas, drop us a line!