“I joined Venku (Formerly Outside360) because of Murielle, her passion for the outdoors and her business. Customer service is something I hold VERY high and I love the business model and customer service of Venku.  They are going to be the NEW Airbnb for us that like the outdoors!

Drew’s farm ‘Beyond Seclusion’ had its beginnings about 10 years ago, when he and his wife decided to create a weekend getaway. They found 120 acres in Southeast Nebraska and built a cabin there. After spending so much time at the cabin, and enjoying every minute, they decided to build a home on the property and live there full time. They’ve never looked back. On their farm they enjoy keeping chickens and other farm animals, cultivating freshwater fish and vegetation, beekeeping and all the other activities that go along with maintaining and sustaining a rural property.

Although the farm signals a new chapter in his life, Drew has always had a passion for the outdoors, especially hunting and fishing. This is evident in his Youtube channel where you’ll find videos he has published on a variety of topics, including life on the farm, fishing, gun & ammo reviews, and helpful outdoor tips. He loves teaching and welcomes the opportunity to share his wisdom and insights when it comes to hunting, fishing, shooting and life in general.