At one point or another as a kid, we all saw something we wanted for Christmas and excitedly rushed home to pen a letter to the jolly guy in red.

While many of us moved away from asking for Christmas gifts as we got older (and hobbies switched from Legos and dolls to careers and vacations) there is still a dedicated subset of adults that fawn over new toys and eagerly await Christmas catalogs to appear in the mailbox….Sportsmen.

From matching high-tech camo to new camp gadgets, we crave it all. To kick off the holidays, we compiled a list of the top Christmas items from our Venku staffers’ wishlists.

John Wyman  Mackinaw Wool Bibs by Filson

Filson still makes handmade clothes designed to last until your children’s children pull them out of the old cedar chest. Plus, these bibs are still crafted in the good ol’ US of A. 

John says wool bibs are good for the woods and lounging around camp; they are pretty hard to beat as far as comfort is concerned. (Buffalo plaid is considered peak fashion to the card-carrying members of the “Red Plaid Gang”.)

A review on the site reinforces these comfort and durability claims: “I bought the Mackinaw Bibs for late-season waterfowl hunting and general outdoor work, and can’t be happier with them. They’re tough, warm, and easy to keep clean. They also fit extremely well, even with layers underneath them.”

Bryce Vogt – “Anything” by Sitka

The Delta series and in particular the Delta Zip Waders are as close as one can come to a divine creation. Odds are these waders will outlive us, in addition to keeping us warm and dry no matter where our outdoor pursuits take us.

A recent review from the site states: “From the duck woods, to the rice fields and the crappie hole in the spring time these waders are awesome. Had a small leak in the neoprene area above the boot recently. Sent them off for repair and they returned with brand new boots at zero cost to me. Great product and great warranty/customer service.”

Anna Richardson – 28L Tortuga Waterproof Backpack by High&Dry

This completely waterproof backpack is a waterfowler’s dream however, it wouldn’t be a bad gift for the fisherman or whitewater enthusiast either. Anna, a photographer and content creator, also notes that it’s helpful for toting her expensive equipment around and keeping it safe from the elements.

Also, anything Sitka.

Murielle Gaither  – Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife by Bubba 

Their “Pro Series Electric Fillet Knife” won ICAST Show’s “Best Cutlery, Hand Pliers and Tools” award for 2021 and the design has only continued to improve since then. This filet knife is cordless so anglers can have a completely portable cleaning station. Plus, they’re a Missouri based company! We love to see outdoor companies thriving in the Midwest.

Cameron Bissell – Flash Java Kit by Jetboil

If there’s one thing Cameron loves, it’s being outside. If there are two things he loves, it’s the outdoors and coffee. The Jetboil Java kit lets Cameron get his caffeine buzz going anywhere from a tailgate to a spike camp.

Ethan Wren – Ground and Pound System by Sly Dog 

Ethan says this is “the best” hunting bag out there. Its versatility means that it works great for a gear bag and also doubles as a seat depending on the type of hunting you’re doing. The cushioned seat keeps your rear from getting wet while hunting on the ground, or cold when in a stand that’s open to the elements.

Kamden Ransdell – The Thermion 2 Pro by Pulsar

High-quality thermal gear is essential for great predator hunts and thermals are just all-around cool.

While each of us could have filled an entire page ourselves with stocking stuffers and brands we want to see under the tree, we did our best to keep the list short and sweet.

What are you hoping to find under the tree this year? If you have a hunter or angler in your family and are stumped about what to gift them, consider giving an experience on VenkuWith thousands of different trips, they’re bound to find something that gets their heart pumping. 

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