Trekking into the woods can be a perilous endeavor filled with unknown critters, naturally occurring obstacles, and poisonous plants or bugs.

That’s why we want to share a few tips with you on how to be as safe as possible while on your next adventure!

  1. Make sure other people know where you are — Before you go into the wilderness, make sure you tell a friend about where you’ll be going and give them a time to expect you back.
  2. Stay well hydrated — Make sure you pack at least a couple liters of water; it’s extremely important to stay hydrated and energetic! Drink before, during, and after your trek, and even if you don’t feel thirsty.
  3. Protect yourself from the sun — Lengthy exposure to the sun can cause some serious problems. Wear sunscreen, a hat, watch the UV index, cover up, and limit time spent in the grueling midday sun to ensure that you are as protected as possible.
  4. Pack some carbs — You’re gonna get hungry at some point along your journey! Fuel up with some energy bars or trail mix.
  5. Bring a small first-aid kit — Minor accidents are pretty common and it doesn’t hurt to have some band-aids, alcohol wipes, and aspirin in your backpack.
  6. Navigation — Bring a map, compass, GPS or something to help guide you. If you get lost, don’t panic and try to find trail markings, follow your guide tools, wait for assistance, or call for help.
  7. Bring a Lighter — This is a great tool to have. Perfect for building a fire to warm yourself during a mid-hike break with some roasted marshmallows…and a life-saver if things don’t go according to plan!
  8. Stay on the trail — Keep an eye on your footing as you’re making your trek. Even the highest quality hiking shoes won’t always keep you from slipping or tumbling down. Try to stay on a clear path or areas with dry, solid rock.
  9. Camp before dark — Traveling and setting up camp after the sun goes down has resulted in many unnecessary accidents, so be sure to arrive at your campsite well before sunset to have enough time for setting up.
  10. Bring a headlamp — You may find yourself returning back to camp as the sun goes down, and a headlamp is a perfect tool to have in case you’re out after dark.

Happy exploring!

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