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Beat the Heat: Expert Tips for Staying Cool in the Summer

We can all look forward to the dog days of summer. The trouble is, its hard to focus on staying cool and safe when there's excitement all around. Lots of sunshine and warm weather is great but it's important to protect yourself from the sun and the heat. A sunburn...

Noodling for Catfish: An Adventurous Pursuit for Anglers

Noodling for Catfish: An Adventurous Pursuit for Anglers Credit: Noodling Trips on the Santee & Cooper Lakes in Moncks Corner, South Carolina Noodling, also known as hand-grabbing or hogging, is a thrilling and unconventional method of fishing that has gained...

6 Go-to Snacks to Fuel Your Outdoor Adventure

Sweet, salty, fresh, or smoked cured, everyone has a go-to snack when they are outside. After a long hike or a sit in the deer woods, we all get hungry. We may have our three meals a day rounded out but, for those times between, we need to keep our energy up. Besides,...
The Fish Fry: Walleye

The Fish Fry: Walleye

Of all the fish that swim in the lakes of the northern United States, none grip fishermen with as much of a passionate frenzy as walleye. These...

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The Fish Fry: Crappie

The Fish Fry: Crappie

Crappie fishing is a popular pastime for anglers across the country. These delicious panfish are known for their mild flavor and flaky white meat,...

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